Bath Toys Not Made In China

Most toys are still made in China. The problem is that China does not follow very stringent safety standards and it is hard for manufacturers to adhire to their own standards when assembling in Chinese factories. There are several exceptional companies who make bath toys to a high standard outside of China.

Bath Toys

Green Toys

Green Toys is an American company that specializes in making plastic toys out of recycled plastic. They manufacture everything in the US and meet FDA food contact standards. Also, most of their toys are dishwasher safe.


Hevea is a B corp American company. They specialize in making toys out of sustainable rubber in Malaysia. They control the whole process from the tree to the manufcaturing and meet the latest FDA standards for paint and additives that are food grade.


PlanToys specializes in wooden toys made from rubber trees. They source all their wood from Thailand and manufacture their toys there as well.