Floor Jacks Not Made In China

Unfortunatly, the floor jack market is fairly small. There are not many companies making floor jacks and those companies make them under various brands that makes buying confusing. It is always important to buy floor jacks of high quality and carefully inspect them after unboxing. If you see sloppy welds, uneven wheels or a lot of play in the handle, return the floor jack immediatly. There are only a handful of companies making floor jacks outside of China.

Floor Jacks

American Forge and Foundry

American Forge and Foundary, often written as AFF is part of SureWerks. AFF manufactures heavy lifting equipment completely in the US. They have a large selection of floor jacks and other automotive lifting systems and even offer their services to other brands. All AFF floor jacks are made in USA.


Hein-Werner is an American company that competes direclty with the Chinese manufacturers. They make good quality floor jacks as well as jack stands in the USA.


US Jack is a smaller American company. They make jack stands as well as a couple of lighter-duty floor jacks. Unfortunatly, we could not find their products sold on Amazon. All of their products are made in the USA.