Wiper Blades Not Made In China

Windshield Wiper Blade manufacturing is one of the industries that has been lost to China a long time ago. Rubber manufacturing and many small parts coming together at assembly time makes manufacturing complicated. There are many American and European companies, but most offshore manufacturing. Here is a list of the ones we could find that are not made in China.

Wiper Blades

Trico Wiper Blades

Trico is an old American company who has been pioneering wiper technology for over 100 years. All the components for the wiper blades and assemblies are made in the USA. The Titan, Maxx and Ultra models are assembled in the USA as well. The rest of their blades are assembled in Mexico.

Saver Windshield Wipers

Saver is an interesting company. It is a relatively new American company founded in 91 that licenses some technology from Goodyear. However, they make their blades in the USA and are growing very fast. We expect them to be in many more stores in the next few years.


SilBlade makes a very high end silicone blades. They last longer, but are more expensive. They are based in the US, but manufacture blades in Taiwan.

Crystal Clear Blades

Crystal Clear Blades makes heated wiper blades that hook up to your battery and melt the snow and ice when it is cold outside. These winter blades are made in Canada and are very high quality.