Tires Not Made In China

Tires are costly to ship. So, it is actually very rare to find tires that are made in China within US or Europe. If you buy in the US or Europe and stick with brand named tires like Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Yokohama, Goodyear and Firestone you will not get tires made in China.

Ahtough tires with a known brand name in the US and EU likely will be made in US or EU, most companies have at least one manufacturing plant in China. The plant is stamped on each tire with a plant code. You can go to the Where Tires Made website and look them up by code just to make sure that they are not made in China.

There are many online tire stores like TireRack, but you can also purchase from Buy From AmazonThe Amazon Tire Store.



While most brands of tires sold in the US and EU manufacture tires outside of China, there is only one manufacturer that does not have any manufacturing plants inside of China at all. Yokohama Tire is a Japanese company and is the only tire manufacturer to not have any manufacturing in China. So if you buy Yokohama tires, you are guaranteed that they are not manufactured in China.