Jump Starters Not Made In China

There are many jump starters out there. Almost all of them are made in China. In general these are either battery companies or small no-name companies that people never heard of before. We had trouble finding jump starters not made in china. In the end we could only find one company that makes jump starters outside of China. There is another type of jump starter that you might be interested in. Those are jump starters with an integrated air compressor to pump your tires. Many companies have created those over the years and there are more to chose from that are made outside of China. See both categories of jump starters below.

Jump Starters Without Air Compressor


Noco is an American company who has been in the field of automotive batteries since 1914. They still have an extensive range of products in that industry. They have several lines of jump starters. They make their jump starters in Vietnam and Malasia. They rank the best in the battery jump starter reviews, so it seems to be a no-brainer to go with Noco.

Jump Starters With Air Compressor


Stanley makes a lot of various products. Most of their manufacturing is in China. Their line of jump starters with integrated air compressors is manufactured in Vietnam.


The Shumacher brand of auto accessories is sold in many stores and has decent reviews. They make most of ther products in China, but the line of jump starters with integrated air compressors is made in Mexico.


Dewalt makes a huge array of tools. They have a confusing line of products manufactured all over the world. Their jump starter with integrated compressor is made in Vietnam.


Cat or Caterpillar is an iconic American brand that makes everythig from excavators to tools. They have an automotive division that manufactures a jump starter with an integrated air compressor. Those are made in Vietnam.


Michelin is known for thier tires. They also make some accessories including a michelin branded jump starter with an integrated compressor. It probably fits into their whole tire maintanance story, but they really are not known for electronics. That jump starter is manufactured in Vietnam.