Covid Tests Not Made In China

Most home tests are made in China. Even the tests you see in pharmacies are mostly made in China. Please read the boxes before bying from your favorite pharmacy. The few companies that do not make tests in China are hard to find. There are two types of test kits. One is an Antigen home test kit, where you do the nasal swab and get the results yourself. The other type is the PCR test kits, which is the same that they do in hospitals and clinics. With PCR tests, you do the nasal swab and then send the sample to the lab. It takes 24-48 hours for the lab to provide your results. The PCR test is much more accurate, but takes a few days. We have a list of both.

Home Antigen Tests


On Amazon, there is a test called On/Go. They make the tests in the USA. The other nice thing with this test is that they parter with a telehalth company. This means that you can do the test with supervision if you need proof thof your results. It is the only test on Amazon that would qualify for travel into the US.

BinaxNow by Abbot Labs

The most trusted take-home kit that you can by is made by Abbot labs. It is also made in the USA. Amazon keeps running out of these, but if you can find it, this is the one to get.

Quidel QuickVue

Quidel is a large American diagnostics company. They are global and have many places of manufacture around the world. This specific QuickVue Covid-19 self test is made in the USA.

PCR Tests

Amazon PCR Test

If you need an accurate test but have time to send it to the lab, Amazon sells PCR test kits. The PCR test is the same test you do at testing locations. These are much more accurate than home test kits. Once you get your kit, you do the swab and then send it back to the Lab. You get your result within a day of the lab recieving your swab.


EmpowerDX is a company that specializes in making many different tests that you send back to their lab. Their covid PCR test is highly rated and you ship it back to their lab. The results are available within 48 hours.