Body Thermometers Not Made In China

There are many types of thermometers to measure your temperature. There are ear, forehead, oral, anal, infrared, digital, analog and others. The famous American, German and Japanese companies that we usually buy thermometers from all manufacture them in China. Most body thermometers are fairly accurate and reliable, even when made in China. However, if you want a thermometer that is not made in China, you have very few choices.

Body Thermometers


Braun is a large German appliance company that produces products in many countries. There is only one specific thermometer that that they make outside of China. This digital ear thermometer is called Braun ThermoScan 6. Note that the latest ThermoScan 7 is made in China, but ThermoScan 6 is still on sale.


HuBDIC is a Korean company that makes many types of thermometers in Korea. Several of them are available in the US and are considered very high quality and reliable devices. HuBDIC is the only company that makes digital infrared thermometers outside of China.


Exergen is a US-based company that produces non-contact forehead thermometers in their factory located in Massachusetts. Specifically popular is the digital baby temporal scan forehead thermometer. That thermometer is made in America. Yes, it can be used for adults as well.


Geratherm is a German company that produces various medical instruments, including digital thermometers. The only Geratherm thermometer that is avialable in the US that we were able to verify is not made in China is an analog thermometer. Let us know if you can confirm if any other models are also made in Germany.