Electric Toothbrushes Not Made In China

Electric toothbrushes are super popular now and everyone seems to be using them. Just like all electronics, they are mostly made in China. There are only two companies that make electric toothbrushes outside of China. However, even those two companies only make some lines outside of China. So, you have to be careful what to buy. Look at the specific series and version.

Electric Toothbrushes


Oral-B is a brand owned by Braun. Bruan is a large German appliance company that produces products in many countries. About half of the Oral-B toothbrushes are made in Germany. The other half are made in China. Specifically, these are the electric toothbrush lines made in Germany: all of the Pro series, all of the Smart series, Genius 6000,7000,8000, and IO 3,4,5,9. These are ones that have been confirmed by shoppers. In our opinion the Oral-B IO 9 is the highest end electric toothbrush you can buy that is not made in China. So, if you can spare the money that is the one to get.


Philips is a Dutch company that makes all kinds of electronics. They make electronic toothbrushes in Indonesia and China. Unfortunatly, it looks like they are moving more and more of their production into China. There are some reports of toothbrushes that were made in Indonesia now being made in China. All of the electric toothbrushes are under the Philips Sonicare brand. Specifically, Diamondclean 9750 and 9300, and Protectiveclean 5300 seem to still be made in Indonesia.