Soccer Balls Not Made In China

Soccer balls used to be all made by hand. Pakistan and Thailand were super popular locations for manufacture. Nowadays, most soccer balls are manufactured by machines in China. A few companies still have hand stitched soccer ball models that are available to consumers. Generally, those hand stitched balls are manufactured and then stitched in Pakistan by skilled people who have been trained to do this type of stitching and have taken years to perfect their skills. Hand stitched balls are not necessarily better quality as they need to go through more QA, but at least you are supporting some worker's skills.

Soccer Balls


Adidas is a German sports conglomorate and is one of the largest manufacturers of soccer balls. They make most soccer balls in China. However, there are several lines of soccer balls that are hand stitched in Pakistan. Specifically, on the lower end, the Starlancer Club Ball is made in Pakistan. On a higher end, the UCL League Ball 22/23 UEFA Women's Champions League ball is also made in Pakistan.


Molten is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer. The Molten UEFA Europa League UEL Official Football is made in Thailand. This is a match ball that is very high quality with a lot of grip. Most matchballs cost around 100 dollars and are limited production.


Capelli is an American sports equipment manufacturer. There is one line of soccer balls that is made in Pakistan. That is the The Sport Tribeca Strike Pro Elite. This is a good looking match ball, but is fairly expensive.