Yoga Mats Not Made In China

Fortunatly, the yoga industry has many companies that are local and care deeply about sustainability and the environment. They try to control their source materials and manufcaturing. Many make products in Europe, US and even Taiwan and avoid manufacturing in China. Here is our list of yoga mats and other yoga products that are not made in China. We know there are more, so please suggest the ones that you can find.

Yoga Mats


Airex is a Swiss company that has been around since 1952. They specialize in yoga gear of all sorts. Their mats are popluar in europe and the US.

Hugger Mugger

Relatively low cost option for yoga mats and various pillows and props. They make most products in Taiwan, although some of the pillows and hand-made products are manufactured in the USA.


Suga mats are very unique. They are made out of recycled wetsuits and many people swear that the rubber feels great. Manufactured in the USA.


Yoloha makes yoga mats out of cork. It is a fairly durable and natural material. They manufcature yoga mats in the USA.


Manduka is a very popular brand of rubber yoga mats. They manufacture mats in Thailand and have many different types and thiknesses.


Jade makes yoga mats in the USA out of eco-friendly rubber.

B Yoga

B Yoga makes a very thick rubber yoga mat that many people prefer. It manufactures the yoga mat in Spain.