Tennis Balls Not Made In China

Tennis balls are very different from most other sports balls because players go through them very quickly. This means that the balls have to be mass produced cheaply. They are almost exclusivley produced in China. We only found a couple of models that are made in Thailand.

Tennis Balls


Wilson is an American sports equipment manufacturer. Most of their tennis balls are mass produced in China. There are two models of balls that they manufacture in Thailand. The higher end is the Wilson US Open Tennis Balls and the lower end, but hardier, is their Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls.


Penn Racquet Sports is the famous American tennis company that is now part of the Head sports equipment company. Most of their tennis balls are manufactured in China. However they have several lines of practice and training balls that are manufactured in Thailand. Those are called Penn QST and Penn Control Balls. They work by slowing down the play and making practice easier and more controllable. Many people train with these types of balls.