Leaf Blowers Not Made In China

Leaf blowers are a hard category or products to figure out. There are no manuficturers that exclusively manufacture outside of China. These large companies produce some product lines in China and others outside of China. The following is a list of companies who manufacturer leaf blowers outside of china. We suggest that you double check each model before purchase as these lines can change.

Leaf Blowers


Dewalt manufactures all over the world. Their blowers are mostly made in Mexico. The easiest way to double check the specific blower is to search on Amazon and look at manufactured or search on google for a picture of the box and look to see where it was manufactured.


Milwaukee is an American company that makes fairly high-end prodcuts all over the world. They have been manufacturing most of their leaf blowers in Vietnam in order to move away from China.


Makita is a popular tool company. They make leaf blowers in Japan and the USA. Generally they are trying to diversify away from China. Please check each model to ensure that it is not an older line made in China.


Greenworks makes their leaf blowers in Vietnam and China. Amazon clearly marks the &manufactured& field with the country of origin. So, make sure you pick the one made in Vietnam instead of the one made in China.


Ryobi is a popular power tools brand. They also manufacture all over the world. Their Whisper series of blowers is manufactured in Vietnam.