Locking Pliers Not Made In China

Locking pliers are one of the most useful tools for both professionals and for around the house. Manufacturing locking pliers still requires some amount of manual labor and is therefore mostly done in China. There are a few companies that make locking pliers outside of China, but this list might change with the economics of this type of manufacturing.

Locking Pliers


Malco is an American compnay that makes many different hand tools. Their brand of locking pliers called Eagle Grip pliers is made in Nebraska USA.


Grip-On is a Spanish company. They specilaize in pliers and other hand tools. Thier pliers have a distinctive organge handle. All of their locking pliers are made in Spain


Knipex is a large German company that makes all kinds of tools. They do not manufacture exlusively in Germany, but their locking pliers are made in Germany.


Milwaukee is a large American company. They manufacture all kinds of tools all over the world, including China. Their locking pliers are currently being manufactured in Taiwan.