Multitools Not Made In China

Multitools are now very common tools used by hunters, fisherman, tradesmen, and even soldiers. There are quite a few companies making them. Unfortunatly, even the most famous companies have moved parts of their product lines into China. There are only a handful left. High quality materials and tight tolorances are super important when choosing a multitool. Aim for the most expensive version of the needed tools within the multitool and read the reviews to see if there are any weaknesses.



Havalon is an American company that specializes in hunting knives. They make a reasonably inexpensive multitool called Evolve. It also has some hunting related tools, but in general is a failry good multitool. The Havalon Evolve is made in Taiwan.


Leatherman is the most known multitool out there. They are an American company and manfacture all their multitools in the USA. They have a vast veriaty of versions and options available.


Victorinox is the famous company that created the Swiss Army Knives. They continue to make many foldable knives that i would consider multitools. However, they also make several multitools with the two handles. While not all of their swiss army knives are made in Switzerland, all of their multitools are.


Gerber is an American company that makes a wide veriaty of multitools. It appears that most of them are made in China for cost savings. The top of the line Center-Drive is still made in the USA.