Scissors and Shears Not Made In China

Most scissors are made in China because it is cheaper to do so. However, it is not difficult to find ones that are made in other countries. Specifically companies that produce higher quality scissors and shears have no need to manufacture them in China because most of their expense is in materials they use as opposed to labor.

Even with reputable companies and ones that manufacture outside of China, you want to look for quality scissors. The difference between high quality and low quality scissors is that high quality scissors are more comfortable to hold and the sharp edge keeps its sharpness for longer. This means that they need to made out of higher quality metals.

With the below selection of companies, there are two distinct categories of scissors. Ones in the 10-20 dollar range and ones in the 20-60 dollar range. All of them will be high quality, but the more expensive ones will be heavier and will last longer. Their edges will also stay sharper than the less expensive ones. This is due to quality and quantity of metal used.

Scrissors and Shears


Ultima is an Italian company that specializes in fabric and arts and crafts. They make excellent scissors in Italy. Most of their &dressmaker& designated scissors are great as your go-to scissors for everyday tasks.

Bianco Instruments

Bianco is an American company, which specializes in hairdressing. They make one high quality multi-purpose shear. All of their scissors are made in the USA. The Bianco Cucina Napoli scissors can be used for everyday tasks.


Zwilling is a German company that is famous for their Henkel branded kitchen knives and sets. They sell quite a few scissors, which are all made in Germany.

Klein Tools

Klien Tools is an American company that has scissors for every purpose under the sun. Their selection is truly impressive. Most of teh general purpose shears are under the Heritage sub-brand. They are all made in the USA.


Gingher, just like Ultima, is an Italian brand focused on dressmaking and crafts. Similarly all of their scissors are made in Italy and most can be used for every day tasks.


Kai is a Japanese company that makes scissors for various purposes. All of them are made in Japan and meet a very high standard.