Blenders Not Made In China

Unfortunatly, blenders have many parts and are complicated to manufacture. This means that most manufactures make blenders in China. The cost of labor makes a great business case. There are a few exceptions though. Several high-end manufacturers are making blenders in the USA. There is also a company making more affordable blenders in Mexico.



Vitamix is an American company. They make very high-end mixers and blenders. All of their manufacturing of blenders is done in their Cleveland Ohio facility. So, they proudly make blenders in the USA.

Waring Commercial

Waring Commercial is also a high-end manufacturer of blenders. As you can tell by the name, they specialize in commercial blenders that are super reliable and heavy duty. You would not find many buttons or features, but theya re very durable. They make all of their blenders in the USA.


Oster makes a veriaty of blenders and mixers. They have a factory in Mexico and all of their blenders are manufactured there. They tend to make more affordable blenders that you can find in Target or Walmart.


Blendtec is an American company. It has been made famous by the popular "will it blend" videos where they blend varios objects for entertainment. The blenders are very high end and rugged and are manufactured in Utah.