Mixers Not Made In China

Mixers are the original kitchen gadget. Ever since they made the transition from hand-crank to electric, they have found a home in almost every sophisticated kitchen. Because the components are relatively cheap and the parts need quite a bit of assmbly, most mixers are made in China. We only found two companies that manufactured or assemble mixers outside of China



KitchenAid is an American company that is popular for their classic looking stand mixers. They continue to make most of thier mixer lines in the US. Specifically their most popular stand mixer lines called Classic and Artisan are both manufacutred in the USA. They also have several lines of hand mixers that are manufacured in the USA.


Bosch is a German conglomorate that makes everything from refrigerators to windshield washer blades. They have 2 mixers available that are bowl mixers where the blade as at the bottom. This has both advantages and disadvantages compared to stand mixers. Bosch manufactures their mixers in Slovenia.