Paper Towels Not Made In China

Paper towels are manufactured out of paper pulp everywhere in the world. The US has many paper mills and wood pulp resources, so paper towels sold in the US market are mostly manufactured in America. There are several big companies that own a large share of paper manufacturing and sell paper towels under various brands.

Average Paper Towels


Sparkle is more of a budget brand of paper towels made by Georgia-Pacific. They can be seperated into smaller squares making them somewhat more convinent for smaller tasks. They tend to be less absorbant, but also less expensive.

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics is a brand of They tend to pick a good quality manufacturer and have very competitive prices. All of the Amazon Basics paper towels are made in the US.


365 is a brand that is owned by Whole Foods. Their paper towels are reasonanbly priced but are not super tough or absorbant.

High End Paper Towels


Brawny is a brand of paper towles made by Georgia-Pacific. They are marketed to be tougher and rougher than the other brands. Georgia-Pacific manufactures Brawny paper towels in the US.


Presto is an Amazon brand. The paper towels are of higher quality than the Amazon Basics, but lower quality than Bounty. Presto paper towels are made in the US.


Bounty is a brand owned by Proctor & Gamble. They pride themselves in making the softer, more absorbant paper towels. They are the brand that others measure against. Bounty paper towels are made in the US.

Commercial Paper Towels

Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue is a commercial brand of Georgia-Pacific. They are sold in large rolls and large quantities. They tend to be very absorbant but not plush and are sold to large buisinesses. Pacific Blue paper towels are made in the US.


Tork is a company specializing in commercial paper towels and dispensers. They are not super soft, but are available in all sorts of large rolls.Tork manufactures all the paper products in the US.