Food Storage Bags Not Made In China

Food sorage bags, sandwich bags, freezer bags or Ziploc bags are super useful in every kitchen. Most of the companies that make food storage bags manufacture them in a fully automated factory. So, they do this close to their consumer market. For the US market, most companies make them in the US or in Thailand.

Food Storage Bags


Ziploc is the brand synonymous with food storage bags. The company that makes this brand of bags is SC Johnson. They make all types of food storage bags and freezer bags. They manufacture food storage bags in the US

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics is the Amazon brand. They usually choose a manufacturer to produce the product for them. The Amazon Basics food storage bags are made in Thailand.


365 is a brand that is owned by Whole Foods. They make several sizes of food storage bagse. They manufacture them in Thailand.


Glad is famous for their plastic wrap, but they make food storage bags as well. They have normal zip bags as well as the FLEXN line. The normal ones are made in the US, while the FLEXN ones are made in Thailand.


Hefty is known for their trashbags. They make very thick and strong food storage bags. They manufacture them in the USA.