Water Filters Not Made In China

There are a few water filter companies that make pitcher water filters outside of china. There is also one travel water filter manufacturer that manufactures filters outside of china. We were not able to find faucet-attached or reverse osmosis filters that were not made in China.

Water Filter


Aquaphor was originally started in Israel. Now it is a large international company that makes all kinds of filters from common water pitchers to large reverse osmosis commercial filteration systems. Their popular water filter pitchers are made in Estonia.


Sawyer is an american company that focuses on hiking and camping. They make several portable water filters for attaching to bottles and bags and purifying water from streams or other sources. Sawyer makes their filters in Florida, USA.


Pur is one of the most common resedential water filters. Their faucet attached filters are made in China. However their pitchers are mostly made in USA, with some models made in Mexico as well.


Berkey is an American company that prides itself in producing the most advanced gravity fed water filter. They produce large capacity countertop water jugs with most of them made out of steel. They are fairly expenisve, but they manufacture their water filters in the US.