Mini Fridges Not Made In China

There are no companies that make reasonably priced mini fridges outside of China. These fridges have a lot of parts and putting them together in China is far cheaper than anywhere else. Unfortunatly, even the American brands are just licensed by Chinese companies. There are a couple of companies that make high end under the counter refrigerators in the US.

Mini Fridges


Dometic is an American company focused on the RV and trucking market. Some of their mini fridges are made in the US.


True is an American company specializing in commercial refrigeration. They started selling to resedential customers only in 2014 and make a very high quality product. They make all their refrigerators in the US. They ahave a couple of under-counter models that would fit in anywhere.


Sub-Zero has been making high quality refrigerators for over 70 years. They are considered the best in the home refrigerator sector. Their refrigerators are made in the US. They make several small models that are made to be installed under the counter or below counter height. They are expensive, but well worth the price for the longevity.