Food Thermometers Not Made In China

Most people look for meat thermometers to use in cooking meat or fish. More generally, food thermometers have become common in todays kitchens. Unfortunatly, the whole industry is full of cheap and inaccurate instruments. Most digital thermometers are neither accurate nor consistant. While analog ones take a verly long time to register the temperature and are hard to see. Almost all of them are made in China and never even calibrated. We were able to find only one company that makes food thermometers outside of China. These things are expensive, but worth it.

Food or Meat Thermometers


Thermoworks is an American company. They specialize in measuring instruments. They are known for making and calibrating extremely precise instruments all over the world. They have the Thermopen food thermometer as well as several handheld catering thermometers that they manufacture by hand in England. Those are more expensive then the Chinese ones but they are trusted by professionals in the restaurant industry as well as food inspectors.