Toasters Not Made In China

It is extremely hard to find a toaster not made in China. We think that this is because there are a lot of moving parts that get put together by hand, so cheap labor drives the price down. The only toasters that are not made in China are high-end ones. We found two retro-style toasters that are assembled by hand outside of China as well as one super toaster manufactured as an excersize in a large companies design ability.



Dualit is a British company. They have a line of toasters that have a retro shape and look rather sleek. Those classic toasters are all hand made in the UK. There are many colors and finishes to choose from.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a famous Japanese electronics company. They recently decided to make the best toaster they could and came up with the TO-ST1-T Luxury Toaster. This thing looks like a toast machine from the 60s and is probably the most expensive single slice toaster you can buy. People swear that it makes the best toast by preventing it from drying out inside.


Milan is an Italian company that specializes in commercial toasters. It has a line of classic toasters for home use as well. Their toasters are hand made in Italy.