Battery Backups Not Made In China

Battery backup devices, technically called Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS, have become more common as people started working from home. They can keep your internet and computer up and running when there is a power outage. Most of the cost is the battery itself, but they do have quite a bit of electronics in them. Most companies manufacture UPSes solely in China. Only one company seems to make battery backups outside of China.

Battery Backups (UPS)


APC was an American company specializing in all kinds of battery backups. In 2007 they were bought by a larger European company called Schneider Electric. APC has 2 main consumer battery backup lines called Back-ups and Back-ups Pro. Most, but not all, of those two lines are made outside of China. Specifically, the lower-end Back-Ups 550va and 650va as well as the higher-end 1500va were made in the Philippines. Also the more expensive Back-Ups Pro 1500s and the gaming oriented 1500b are also made in the Philippines. Those two Back-Ups Pro battery backup units are the top of the line compared to all companies out there as both use the sine wave filtering to generate perfect sine waves. So, if you have the money just buy one of those two Pro models. Otherwise the Back-Ups line is fine as well.