Extension Cords Not Made In China

Extension cords are mostly manufactured by cable companies in fully automated facilities. Therefore the manufacturing can happen anywhere in the world. Usually companies make extension cables wherever it is most convinent logistically. So, there are a few companies that manufacture outside of China.

Extension Cables

US Wire and Cable

US Wire and Cable is an American company that just does wires and cables. They make high quality cables and all of their products are always made in the USA.


Southwire is also an American compnay. They make their extension cables in the US, Mexico as well as China. However they have a line of red, white, and blue cables that are always made in the USA. We suggest you look at the label or just stick with the red, white and blue cables in order to avoid ones made in China.


Husky is a brand owned by Home Depot. They are a higher-end brand than the HDX one. Husky branded extension cords are mostly made in the Phillipenes.


Flexzilla makes a gimmeky, usually bright green extension cord. They tend to have glow in the dark or other interesting features. However, many professionals swear by them, so they probably make a good quality product. They manufacture extension cords in USA as well as Taiwan.