Flashlights Not Made In China

Manufacturing flashlights in China is very common since the materials and labor are very cheap and many companies simply do not automate their production lines. There are many companies that popped up with the EDC craze in the US and there are a few companies that have been in the the US for a while. Germany also makes a large number of flashlights. Generally the cheap lights will all be made in China, while the expensive brands tend to be manufactured elsewhere.


Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec is an American company started in Princeton NJ. They have been manufcaturing products in the USA since 1975. They sell some decent flashlights and even make highly waterproof ones for diving applications.

Led Lenser

Led Lenser is a big German company that has been manufuacturing high quality headlamps in Germany. They do not have a huge selection but it is very refined.


Surefire is an American company focusing on tactical devices such as laser weapons sights and tactical flashlights. They have been making high quality flashlights for many different applications and are well reguarded in tactical communities. All of their headlamps are made in the USA.


Maglite is the iconic American flash light brand. They have made the famous big steel flashlights and penlights since before having flashlights was even popular. They do not innovate as much as some others, but they are dependable and have stood the test of generations of users.


Elzetta is an American company that builds very tough flashlights. They build flashlights made-to-order, so you choose exactly what lenses and other components you want for your perfectly built flashlight. This is what sets them apart from most other manufacturers.


Lupine is a German company made famous by their excellent bike lights. They make several high quality flashlights and manufacture everything in Germany.