Mobile Phones Not Made In China

10 years ago, almost all mobile phones were made in China. Now, many companies are shying away from manufacturing in China for geopolitial and other reasons. We found several large manufacturers completely moved out of China. If only Apple would follow through and manufacture a full product line outside of China, we would have a normal choice of mobile phones. The following is a list of companies and the product lines of mobile phones not made in China.

Mobile Phones


Kyocera is a Japanese company that prides itself in manufacutring very high quality mobile phones. They go after quality and longevity rather than the latest features. They manufacture all of their phones in Japan. Most of their phones are ruggedized for work and sports. They have the Durosport, Duroforce, DuraXV and DuraXA product lines. All of them are manufactured in Japan.


Google is an American tech giant and manufactures phones, watches and some other electronics as well. Most of their manufacturing happens in China. All of their newest Pixel mobile phones are manufactured in China except for the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 6a is one generation behind the 7a, but is still manufactured and sold by Google. The Pixel 6a is manufactured in Vietnam.


Samsung is a Korean conglomorate that manufactures all electronics. They have manufacturing all over the world. All of their newest mobile phones are manufacutred in Vietnam. This includes the s, z, a, and xcover6 series. Even the fancy Galaxy Z flip4 and fold4 phones are made in Vietnam


Sony is a Japanese conglomorate making all sorts of electronics. They have factories all around the world. Their mobile phone lines are called Xperia. All of the latest Xperia mobile phones are made in Thailand. This includes the Xperia 1 III, 1 IV, 1 V, 5 III, 5 IV, and Pro I.


Asus is a Taiwanese manufacturer of computers and mobile phones. They make most of thier mobile phones in China. However the ROG 6 and ROG 5 phones are still manufactured in Taiwan. The ROG 7, their latest mobile phone of the ROG line, is manufactured in China, so be careful.


Nokia is a Finnish multinational corporation. It was owned by Microsoft for a while, but is now back to being independant. They make several lines of mobile phones. Their large smartphones based on Android are all made in China. However, they also make two small phones with old-style keypads. If you are looking for a small budget phone that is reliable and doesnt have many bells and whistles, this is the best out there. The two mobile phones that are not made in China are the Nokia 225 and Nokia 6300. Both of those are made in Vietnam.


Last, but not least, is Purism. This is company that puts privacy and security first. They make a laptop and a mobile phone. They go to extremes to make sure the components are traced and secure. They also make their own operating system. Their Librem mobile phone is made in the USA. They list all the components that go into it as well. The phone has physical kill switches for privacy and many other interesting features. It is expensive and runs very few apps, due to their own OS. However, if you want American made with the most secure and private phone ever made, then Purism Librem 5 is for you.