Charging and USB-C Cables Not Made In China

USB-C and charging cables are low-margin products, so they are mostly produced in China. We could only find a few companies that produced charging cables outside of china. Moshi is our favorite from the list as they make high quality cables in Taiwan. Beware, that we did research for the cables only and these companies might be manufacturing other prodcuts in China.

Charging and USB-C Cables


Javex started making charging and usb-c cables outside of China. They manufacture cables in Taiwan. Their cables are high quality thick cables, which are well tested against durability standards.

360 Electrical

360 Electrical makes all sorts of electrical cables as well as charging cables. They manufacture charing cables in Vietnam.


Ventev is a low cost manufacturer of cables and accessories. They make their usb cables in Vietnam.


Moshi is a high quality manufacturer and compete with Anker. They manufacture their cables in Taiwan.


Belkin is an American company. It is one of the largest manufacturers of small electronics, adapters and cables. Recently it has started diversifying its manufacturing away from China. It now manufactures cables in a factory in Vietnam.