Instant Cameras Not Made In China

Instant print cameras have become popular recently. They can be used at parties to pass around and keep the photos, or simply to rebel against the mobile phones. Polaroid has brought them back to popularity, but Kodak and Fujifilm also make super popular versions. Unfortunatly, most instant cameras are made in china. There are several models, listed below, that are manufactured outside of China.

Instant Cameras


Fujifilm is one of the original film companies. They are a Japanese company and manufacture instant cameras among other electronics. They also have their own instant film for those cameras. Fuji is considered the best instant camera manufacturer. A couple of thier models are made in China, but the Instax Mini 12 is made in the Philippines.


Kodak is the old American film company. They now make several instant cameras. All of them, except one, are made in China. The Mini Shot 3 Retro camera is made in Kora.