Vacuum Cleaners Not Made In China

Most electronics are still made in china. You can buy vacuum cleaners that are made outside of china from many popular brands. As usual, China tends to make the lower-end less expensive electronics and it is the same with vacuums.

Vacuum Cleaners


Miele is a German kitchen appliance brand. They are fairly high end and make vacuum cleaners in Germany.


Dyson started in England, but is currently headquartered and operated out of Singapore. They mostly manufacture in Malaysia, but their motor manufacturing and other assembly plants footprint is growing in Singapore iteself.


LG is a huge Korean conglomorate. They make products all over the world. Their cordless stick vacuums are manufactured in Vietnam and Korea. Most Americans happen to get the Vietnamese manufactured versions.


Samsung is also a Korean conglomorate manufacturing products all over the world. Their Jet series cordless vacs are made in Vietnam.