Headlamps Not Made In China

There are not too many companies making headlamps, of those about 1/3 are made in the US. So it is not very difficult to find headlamps that are not made in China.


Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec is an American company started in Princeton NJ. They have been manufcaturing products in the USA since 1975. They have a full lineup of headlamps for all kinds of adventures.


Petzl is a French company. They have focused on sustainability and lean manufacturing and carry a full lineup of headlamps. They produce all their headlamps in France.


Surefire is an American company focusing on tactical devices such as laser weapons sights and tactical flashlights. They are a releative newcomer to the headlamp space, but make very high quality headlamps. All of their headlamps are made in the USA.